Review in Art Market News May 2017


by Suzanne Ingrao



The Art of Tessa Coe

Syntactic Organisms


What is rebirth if not an extension of ideas—a renewed contemplation followed by cycles of energies which promulgate our decisions as we grieve, learn, celebrate, and finally respect life.

But I digress a bit, because this art explodes myriad visions in my mind that struggle against each other for acknowledgment. They are primal ghosts fighting to be heard.

These paintings are alive, they breathe life into me, as a meticulously choreographed ballet sweeps its audience away into another world of a delicate dance. Colors so carefully yet naturally placed and shared with each other, hand in hand metaphors supporting each other as they create and define life, not as a scientific exercise, but as imagery which draws forth a vibrant fantasy through an all-important and vital scientific truth.

This synchronization is amazing. Biology does not become art here, this artist literally shows us that biology is art and vice versa. Such splendid serene imagery and a confluence of imageries guide me to a space comprising biology, optimism, poetic thought, and a zest for life. Perhaps most significantly to me, it is a place of mutual authentication.


Narative by Suzanne Ingrao - Writing for the Arts

in Art Market News May 2017