images of continuance


These images are made by computer. They start with a photograph of a piece of work; sometimes a finished piece, most often not. The digital photograph is then transformed and layered several times and the resulting images stitched together to make a new whole. 

I sometimes describe one of my paintings as a glimpse of a much much larger whole, a tiny corner of an existence that is changing or growing, fracturing or coalescing. Each digital image shown here is an amplification of the image in one of my paintings and serves to intensify the original glimpse held within the painting. When the digital composite is made from a photograph of a painting at an unfinished stage, it becomes a 'what if' lost in time. The consolidated image explores an outcome that the painting passed over. It is an ephemeral work that can never be, made from a painting that no longer exists.

Images are individually printed, numbered and authenticated giclee prints.  They are produced in archival ink on the finest rag paper but Salt of the Earth. Images are 12"x12" prior to mounting and framing. Maximum in each numbered series is 10.